The buzz is back in Happy Valley – COLUMNIST/FORDE – Forde: Something to shout about:
“STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — With the sun setting on a perfect football Saturday and the home team up 30 big ones, a familiar chant shook Beaver Stadium.

‘We are!’ bellowed one side of the stadium.

‘Penn State!’ roared the other side.

Back and forth it went. With feeling. And with good reason.

For the first time in years, being Penn State is something to shout about.

Being Penn State means being a player on the national scene once again. It means a 5-0 record for the first time since 1999, the end of an 11-game losing streak against ranked opponents, an impending national ranking, a ton of hype for Ohio State’s arrival next Saturday and happy chants echoing through Happy Valley. It means the Nittany Lions stand alongside Alabama, Nebraska and Notre Dame in the Resurgent Old Money Program department.”

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The town was really jumping following our big win yesterday. One point the author failed to note was that Penn State now has the third longest winning streak in the country trailing only USC and Texas. We have quietly been lurking on the national scene this season and this win will alert many to us BUT the real test will be this Saturday when Ohio State comes to Happy Valley for a 7:45PM kickoff and an ESPN national audience. A win there will prove that we are really back.