That didn’t hurt a bit!

Hello All!

I’m amazed at how easy registering was (once I received a bit more direction from Larry).

Larry and Gary, great job! You are absolutely right… this will be a great way to keep up with everyone’s life!

I’m suddenly finding myself without a whole lot to say… let’s see….

Well, I recently finished putting on a 200+ person event for work (last Monday) that went over really well. Or at least that’s what they’re telling me. Things were completely changed at the last minute (there is a major difference between a room being 51 x 59 and actually being 41 x 49 when you are setting up a trade show. BUT, while things were insane behind the scenes, the public thought that it was the best show yet (it was our third show and the first one that I’ve run). The Governor came (if I master the picture posting I’ll put one up of him and I) and I mentioned that Lisman has worked at Knoll forever (Governor Lynch is/was the CEO of Knoll). He began asking me a series of questions that I couldn’t possibly answer (what department, what location , how long has she been there, etc.) and I proceeded to smile and say, “I will find the answers to those questions as soon as my family’s blog is set up.” Okay, I didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure I’ll get my answers nonetheless.

Many of you met Brandon while we were in Chicago. I am currently planning his surprise birthday party (Chris, Nick and Mom you inspired me) which will take place on “Stevie Ditka’s” birthday (next Saturday). So far so good… he doesn’t seem to have a clue. Actually, I need to call his father because he’s planning on heading up to Freeport, ME to visit with his dad that evening. Something tells me that not having the guest of honor present that night would really throw a monkey wrench into the whole surprise party thing.

Well, it is sunny and 65 degrees in northern New England and the leaves are starting to turn. It is too beautiful to be inside any longer, so I will venture into the great outdoors. Much thanks to Larry and Gary for taking time to make this happen!

Blog ya later-