Reunion in August?

Seems Brian’s wedding will be another “near reunion”. But not quite.

So, I want to ask, “Can we re-unite ‘down-the-shore’ this summer?” We go to Brigantine, NJ every year, the week preceding Labor Day. This year that would be Aug 26 – Sept 2 (Sat. to Sat.).

I hope everyone remembers Brigantine. Larry may never have gone, but the rest of us, I think, did. There are 3 points I want to make that differentiate it a bit from most shore-towns:

• It is very family oriented, not a teen-scene (tho if you wander the beach “uptown”, I think the teens in the family could find some fun).

• It is one town north of Atlantic City, where one can find a variety of adult entertainment. Including (finally) some good restaurants.

• There is excellent golf nearby.

If we want to do this, we should be prepared to commit to house-rentals soon. I’ll do the legwork if it seems do-able.

FWIW, I may bring the family to Chi for Xmas-time ’06. After that, it may be some time before I’ll plan another trip. If we can’t reunite this summer, maybe Xmas-time could work.