Every Day is Valentine’s Day

It’s now official. I definitely must have too much time on my hands.

I will spare everyone the long story about how it came about but I’ve created a Google Map Mashup called “Every Day is Valentine’s Day”.

The mashup tracks NCAA basketball referee Ted Valentine presenting a map link to every game that I can find that Ted refereed this year. The short story is that someone on the PennStateHoop.com forum that I hang out on made a post about how tired the refs looked in one of our games. I responded talking about how many games some of these guys work and one thing led to another. Eventually I created a map called “Where’s Teddy?” that I later renamed to “Every Day is Valentine’s Day”.

As of 6PM on Monday Feb 11th, the map has climbed to the #4 spot on the Blooming Maps list of “The Most Popular Maps Created in the Last Week”. It is also the #5 hit you get when you search Google for “Ted Valentine basketball” (for a while last week it was #1 on the list). I’m counting on the Valentine’s Day hook that I’ve given it to give me a boost or two the next couple of days.