Yankees vs. Red Sox

Sox Fans

This is going to break Gary’s heart, but I set foot in Yankee Stadium (in full Red Sox gear) on Sunday to see the Red Sox beat the Yankees. It was a great game, Manny hit a homer as soon as we were walking to our seats. The bus picked us up in Portsmouth, NH at 6am and dropped us back off around midnight. Thank God I took the next day off of work!

3 Replies to “Yankees vs. Red Sox”

  1. Were you called any names? Did anyone throw anything on you?

    PS – Congrats on making the first post on the new board.

  2. That kind of stuff only happens at Yankee Stadium to people who ask for it and deserve it. Typically drunk, belligerent, out-of-control……. uh wait, I guess Shannon would qualify.

  3. I’ve trained her well…always call a relative when you’re completely bombed (and not remember that you did so the next day)!

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