We old f*rts should get a kick out of this…

The Penn State Nittany Lion has earned himself a local reputation for some of the dances skits that he puts on every now and then during timeouts at the football games. Last year he had two that were classics that the student went absolutely nuts over. One was Nittany Dynamite, a reenactment of the dance sequence from Napoleon Dynamite. The other was Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which he did with a couple of Penn State Blue Band members.

Two weeks ago, he managed to top himself. His bit was called “The History of Dance” and a dozen or so dance steps that I’m sure we all can remember well. The video in this piece is much better than the others. The professionals have gotten wise and when the Lion comes out on the field during a timeout they have their cameras ready now. To see the “The History of Dance” click here, then choose “Lion Dance” on the right hand side.

So how many songs and dance steps did you recognize?