UncleLar mWow VI – That Girl Emily

Haven’t done any mWow’s in a while but when I ran across this one I thought it deserved a link.

It just goes to prove that there’s nothing like a women scorned.

That Girl Emily is a blog by a “29” year old woman who was cheated on by her husband. Shortly after she started her blog she found out about his philandering and detailed her revenge in her blog. She got him back pretty good and I almost feel sorry for the guy. She was a communications major in college so she actually writes pretty well and the whole saga is quite entertaining.

The above link is to the last blog post but the blog really should be read from the first post on so just here which is the first post in the blog, then click on the July archive (or here) remembering to read from the bottom up.

I don’t know what sucked me into the blog – maybe it’s because my ex’s name is Emilie. But the first few posts are just Emily rambling on about herself and her husband with a few hints about their boring sex life when all of a sudden she finds out hubby is cheating with her best friend. Then the fun begins.

She starts out saying:

They think they can just walk away from this. Their games have been played for the last month. Months? My games are just starting. They don’t know what kind of shit they’ve just stepped in. Flies everywhere. I have friends in high and low places. It’s time to call in some favors. It’s time to draw up my own games. It’s time for them to feel what I’m feeling. Everyone reading this blog will have front row seats.

and she wasn’t kidding.

She even includes photos of some of the things she did:

How about packing up her husband’s porn collection and sending it to his parents – just a classic.

Hope you find the blog as entertaining as I did.