The "Thinkers"

We just spent a week in Orlando at our timeshare checking out what amenities Marriott had to offer families…we can’t wait to take Blake (with or without his parents). We probably should wait till he can appreciate Disney, but we were pleased to see how family oriented the timeshare is.

Of course, while there, we saw Linda, Richie and Harry. Harry looks absolutely fabulous (as you can see in these pictures)! He’s 92 now, 93 in June. He’s in assisted living and still has his driver’s license. He basically drives to Linda’s once or twice a week, or to a store here or there (only day-time). We met for lunch the day we arrived, then golfed another day at Linda and Richie’s country club. Harry joined us for lunch after the first nine holes, then watched us tee off the back nine. Had a great visit with all of them!

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