Showered with Gifts!

Last month (I’m a little behind in blogging), Andrea and Shannon threw a beautiful shower for Dawn. About 25 friends and family members enjoyed a Saturday luncheon (fabulous food) at the Metropolis Ballroom a few blocks from Dawn’s home. Baby Bean is going to be the best dressed little boy in Illinois!

Last evening (from 10:00 PM until 2:00 AM) we spent at the emergency room. Dawn’s leg had cramped up and been numb since about 5:00 PM. Her doctor was concerned that there might be a blood clot. An ultrasound of the leg showed nothing, so they sent her on her merry way (still with leg pains). She has a month left and I fear her doctor may put her on bed rest. Her pregnancy has been fabulous, so maybe she has just pushed herself a little too much. She loves to shop everyday and she probably should not be doing that (for more than one reason).

I’ll keep you all posted of her progress!