Passed my first winter health test

I would say I’m probably 95% recovered from my asthma episode. I still have a little wheezing when I’m lying down at night and if I start laughing hard it will turn into a cough. Occasionally, I will cough up a very little sputum.

One of the things that the doctor told me to look out for was cold weather because it could trigger a coughing attack also. Last night was the first time I was out when the temp dipped into the 20’s – it was actually 18 when I got home. While I wasn’t outside for any real length of time, maybe 10 minutes at any individual moment, I had no ill effects so I’m particularly happy with that.

I also, unfortunately, gained back most of the weight that I lost. I weighed 216 yesterday evening when I got on the scale which is 15 lbs heavier than my low point at the end of September but 5 lbs lighter than before I fell ill. I’d really like to stay under 220 and will probably start working out to keep it down (OK – maybe not probably).

Even so, I’m still 15 lbs lighter than when I started the year so that’s good news. If I can keep that off then drop another 15 next year I’ll be very happy.