The Shirt

The Fall Family Championship saw one if it’s most highly competitive matches in it’s history this past Friday, Aug 27. Steve Bergquist and Steve Fall traveled north to Harvard, IL to play at Plum Tree National golf course.

Off to a strong start Bergquist goes 4 up after 9, shooting a 49 to Steve Fall’s 52. But with his back to the wall Fall comes back strong winning the next 3 holes and is in with a par on the 13th with Berquist facing a 12 footer to not have the match go all square. Bergquist steps up and makes that putt and wins the next hole to go 2 up with 4 to play.

The next hole Fall wins. Bergqusit 1 up with 3 to go.

On 16 Fall hits his best drive of the day and smokes a 5 wood to par the next hole. Bergquist has another 8 footer to tie the hole (he’s been making these all day), but it slides by. Fall has fought back to all even with 2 to play.

Seventeen (a par 3) sees them both come up short. Fall chips to with in gimme range as Bergquist blades one. Fall one up.

Now the pressure is on. Fall is giving a stroke and still needs to win the 18th hole. If they tie Bergqusit wins the hole with his handicap and retains the shirt as the match would then be all tied.

With the pressure on, Fall steps up to the 18th, par 5, 4th hadicapped hole, and nails one straight left into the trees, hits one and winds up 50 yards of the tee box.

The opening Bergquist was looking for. Steve B hits his tee shot way right into another stand of trees. (Pressure! – Not for these 2)

Steve F hits a 3 wood to about 180. Bergquist, from the trees, comes out clean but carries too far into a sand trap on the left side of the fairway.

Bergquist comes out of the trap to about 50 yards. Fall puts his 5 wood on the green. Bergquist now needs to get up and down or hope for a 3 putt from Fall. Alas, another bladed wedge and it’s all but over. Fall 2 putts and the crowd roars. Steve Fall wins 2 up. The shirt is home to it’s favorite resting place.

The final 9 Bergquist shoots 51 for a total 100. Fall shoots a sizzling 40 on the back for a 92. What a comeback.

Steve Fall is ready for the next challenger. Bring it on.

Crazy Few Weeks!

Two weeks ago Steve’s 90 year old mother fell in the nursing home and broke her hip. Off to the hospital we were for surgery. Then, last Wednesday at 7:30 AM  Dawn called doubled over in pain. I went over to take care of the kids and after a mis-diagnosis at a clinic (sent home with pain-killers), Dawn went to the emergency room. By 11:00 PM she was having her appendix removed.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, but everyone is home and recuperating!

Battle of Battle Creek

The “battle” was last weekend and I’ve waited a week for Ron or Steve F. to post this, but I guess they’re sore losers! Yes, Steve B. is the new “Fall Family Champ”! Can you believe that? Steve F. and Ron must have really had an off weekend!

A couple of familiar faces in this video

I stopped by a local music festival this morning to see Natalie Berrena sing with one of her groups, Pure Cane Sugar. To my surprise, I ran into ex-girlfriend Diane Wooding at the show (you can catch her in the lower left corner of the video)

Diane is back in town this weekend for her high school reunion and stopped down for the show because she knows Natalie (they were roommates for a week at Pat Daugherty’s place in St Martin – remember this post and photo?)

Father’s Day

Spent the day at our local minor league stadium.  Charlotte’s softball teamed was honored before the game, accompanying the home team as the players were announced.  Everybody had a good, long day at the park.  Lex got a foul ball, and all kids got to run the bases and play catch in the outfield after the game.

Piano Duet

Lex and Charlotte started piano lessons last October. They had a little recital today. I gotta say, I’m impressed by how much they’ve achieved. Hope you like it.

Eric is a Flyer!

No, not a Philadelphia Flyer (he’s a big Blackhawks’ fan and has me watching more hockey this year than anytime in my life), but a Dayton Flyer!

He will be attending the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio starting in the fall and will be majoring in Engineering. 

As you may remember, Dayton won the NIT basketball tournament this past spring.