My Friday- 10 days ago

So we’re supposed to post random things on here, right? With that notion, I thought I’d share how I spent my Friday before last. My friend Dennis and I headed to the beach with our dogs; well, with his dog and my “adopted” dog Floyd. Dennis recently started his own company called Paw IMprints, where he takes pictures of people with their dogs in their natural routines and surroundings (no poses here). When I take care of Floyd, I often bring him to the beach, thus this is where we headed. Here are a few of my favorite shots. I have 33 really great ones to choose from (out of 6 rolls). It was a great New England kind of day (foggy, light drizzle) at the beach!

Oh, there is a great old graveyard (circa 1600) that is located on the way to the beach. It’s a huge piece of property set directly on Little Harbor. People bring their dogs there all of the time to run around and also to jump the head stones… it’s wierd, I know.