Here’s Something New!

I hadn’t checked the blog in a while, and when I did, I noticed there hadn’t been any new postings in quite a while either.  So I figured I would contribute a posting with some of the latest things going on in this Fall family.

I’m working in downtown Chicago now.  As you may know, United has moved their headquarters from the suburbs (Elk Grove) to the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).  The commute isn’t as bad as I had thought it was going to be.  The worst part is that you are always at the mercy of the train schedule.  From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning at 5:25 AM, I’ve got one eye on the clock until I get to the train station at around 6:25.  The ride on the train is decent enough, as I can read or just relax if I want.  And I manage to catch an express that only makes three stops before arriving downtown.  The walk from the station to the office is only about four blocks and I’m at my desk by 7:35.

If you’re wondering what the view is like, I can see the building across the street just fine!  I’m only on the fifth floor and since I’ve been down there highest floor I’ve been on is the 28th.  It’s actually good being on the 5th floor as we avoid some of the hassles with the elevators that people on the upper floors have to deal with.

The commute home is pretty much the same in reverse.  I’m out of the office by 4:30 to catch the 4:45 that only makes one stop before I get off at Barrington at 5:28.  I’m walking in the door between 5:46 and 5:49.

In other news, Veronica is studying in Germany this semester.  She left about three weeks ago and has been really enjoying herself, although I don’t think she’s a big fan of German food.  For you facebook users, check out her facebook page for lots of photos.  She should be adding a bunch in the next few days as she’s just getting back to Reutlingen where she’s attending school from about ten days of travels to Berlin, Potssam, Dresden, and Hamburg.

Veronica is doing quite well at school.  Check this out!

Eric has completed one semester at the University of Dayton with a 3.5 GPA, so he is doing well, too.  He’s made a good group of friends and appears to be quite happy there.  We were a little surprised that he selected a school six hours away, but he’s very happy with his decision to go there.  You can also find him on facebook if you want to know what else is going on with him.

Mary Ann is still teaching math at the local high school.  We’re just adjusting to the two of us being the only ones around here.  It’s both good and bad.  It’s nice and quite, but then again it can be boring and we miss the kids.

That’s about it!

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