I know, where have I been? So I haven’t been on the blog in a while. Sorry, not my thing.

Anyway, to catch up. I have had many eagles, but only 2 full shots into the hole and neither of them did I see go in the hole. The first was #10 at Chalet Hills where the green is elevated and no way you can see the ball go in the hole. I believe it was 150 yards uphill with a 7 iron. The other was #1 at Old Orchard CC in my league. I stiffed an 8 iron just past the hole. It backed up slightly and stopped a couple inches from the hole, or so I thought. I turned and put my club in my bag, turned back around and the ball was gone. It had been sitting on the lip and dropped when I turned my back.

As you may or may not know I am back in possession of the shirt. I kicked Ron’s ass (low net for all 6 rounds at Battle Creek). Wally and Ron tied for 2nd after Saturdar’d 36 holes and Ron won the tiebreaker to play the 18 hole match play Sunday. I believe the final was 5 and 4.

Last night was our graduation party for Nick. Most of the local family attended. It was a good time. Nick will be going to Harper for at least a year. Will see after that what he wants to do.

Since it’s been so long since I’ve been on here I did want to send a picture of the course we played in Nevada. Unbelievable course. I haven’t added any pictures before so here goes nothing…
Forget the pictures. Don’t know what happened to my disc.

Larry, hope your knee doesn’t become too much of a problem. I did have my knee scoped once and played golf about 10 days later. No big deal. Good luck.

Well, goodbye everyone. I’ll be back soon. Maybe I can get some pictures of the graduation party together.